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Client Record Management

Securely store client information, enable SMS/email communication for better engagement and streamline administrative tasks with client- specific memos. Click establishes connections between clients, manages essential contacts like GPs and insurance providers, and streamlines billing for accurate financial tracking in your practice.

Manage Client Details

Effortlessly store and safeguard your client’s personal and contact details. Say goodbye to paper files and hello to a secure, digital solution that streamlines your practice.

Client Communication

Convenient SMS and Email communication lets you stay in touch with your clients, enhancing engagement and ensuring they receive the support they need.


Record quick, client-specific administrative memos. Keep track of important details, reminders, and client-specific information easily, ensuring that your administrative tasks are as streamlined as your client care.

Linked Clients

Establish connections between clients, whether it’s for identifying next of kin, emergency contacts, or indicating family relationships.

Linked Contacts

Store a client’s essential contacts, such as their GP, seamlessly within the app. This valuable tool ensures you have quick access to vital information.

Linked Third Parties

Link clients to third-party entities like insurance providers or EAP programs, and ensure billing and invoicing is taken care of appropriately.

Client Invoicing

Effortlessly manage client billing and invoicing processes while seamlessly recording payments within the app. Simplify your financial operations, reduce administrative overhead, and ensure accurate financial tracking.


Contact Management

Simplify interactions with third- party businesses, streamline invoicing, and easily manage payments. With Click, every treatment aligns with authorisations. You can record and link essential contacts, like GPs, to clients enhancing efficiency and access to crucial details. Click is your comprehensive contact management solution.

Manage Third Party Businesses

Simplify your interactions with third-party businesses, like insurers and EAPs. Store their contact details within the app, link them to clients when necessary, and facilitate billing on your clients’ behalf, making administrative tasks a breeze.

Third Party Invoicing

Create invoices, bill insurers and EAPs, and efficiently record payments. Keep your practice’s financials in perfect order, streamline reconciliations against invoices, and simplify your administrative workload.

Treatment Authorisation

Manage treatment authorisations for insurance clients. Say goodbye to over-treatment worries as our app ensures every session aligns perfectly with the authorised plan.

Manage Other Contacts

Record and link essential contact details, such as General Practitioner (GP) information, to individual clients. Enhance your practice’s efficiency and patient care coordination like never before with our comprehensive contact management feature.

Linked Contacts

Store a client’s essential contacts, such as their GP, seamlessly within the app. This valuable tool ensures you have quick access to vital information.


Diary Management

Streamline your schedule with features like appointment management, automated reminders and in- app video sessions for secure and confidential therapy. Clients can book appointments online and make in- app card payments, simplifying your processes and enhancing the overall client experience.

Manage Personal Appointments

Manage your schedule, add both personal and client appointments. Stay organised, reduce no-shows, and optimise your time for what truly matters – providing quality care to your clients.

Manage Client Appointments

Offer a client-centric experience by simplifying appointment booking and management. You can efficiently coordinate your calendar, ensuring that every appointment runs smoothly.

Automatic Appointment Reminders

Ensure that client appointments are never missed. Click sends automatic SMS and email reminders, improving appointment attendance rates and enhancing the overall client experience.

In-App Video Sessions

Click provides therapists and clients with the convenience of in-app video sessions, eliminating the need for third-party platforms, and ensuring a secure and confidential digital experience.

Online Bookings

Allow Clients to book appointments online. Click offers a user-friendly platform that ensures clients can access therapy when they need it most.

In-App Card Payments

Simplify your practice’s financial processes. by capturing and processing credit and debit card payments in app, ensuring that you receive payments promptly while delivering a seamless billing experience to clients.

Online Card Payments

Offer clients the ease of online card payments. Click ensures secure and hassle-free transactions, simplifying the billing process and improving overall client satisfaction.


Secure Client Notes

Enjoy client confidentiality and tracked session notes with integrated PHQ-9 & GAD-7 scores. You can customise scoring, track unique objectives, and utilise clinical flags. Personalise flags, set alerts, and use custom forms for streamlined data collection in your all- in- one solution for precise client management.

Client Notes

Maintain the highest standards of client confidentiality and care by using Click to record and access session notes.

PHQ9 & GAD7 Questionnaires

Click seamlessly incorporates PHQ-9 and GAD-7 questionnaires, automatically calculates scores, and provides visualised progress graphs, allowing therapists and clients to track mental well-being with ease and precision.

Custom Objective Scores

Customise your sessions by incorporating additional objective scoring systems, ensuring that assessments align perfectly with individual client needs and treatment goals.

Subjective Client Goals

Click provides a powerful platform for you to track, monitor and support clients as they work towards their unique, subjective objectives.

Clinical Flags

Streamline your session notes by utilising standard clinical coloured flags. Our app offers an intuitive and visual way to record and see any specific relevant clinical information at a glance.

Customise Clinical Flags

Click allows you to customise both the names of flag categories and individual flags, creating a personalised and intuitive way to organise and prioritise crucial information for more efficient decision-making.

Custom Alerts

You can set up custom alerts within a client’s session notes, enabling you to stay proactive by creating personalised alerts for critical client-related information.

Custom Client Forms

With Click you can now effortlessly collect client information at every stage of the client journey. You can create custom forms, send them electronically via SMS or email, and securely store the returned data within Click.


Technical Support

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Compliance and Security

SO27001 Certified/GDPR Compliant/Cyber Essentials Certified

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